Is this a mission trip?

This is not a missions trip in the traditional sense. Most mission trips emphasize some form of service, helping to give a much needed resource to those in need: English camps give education, digging wells give water, etc. Where we live in the world, there are very few opportunities to serve for those who are not willing to invest in the language and culture; you can’t serve people that you can’t communicate with. Frankly, what people really need isn’t education and isn’t water. They need God’s love. They need God’s love through you. The thing we need most is people who are willing to invest a significant portion of their lives to live amongst people who haven’t heard Him. And the first step to that is to understand how God has designed you for service.

What if I’m not called to serve cross-culturally?

Many are not; they don’t have the prerequisite gifting, talent or skills. Yet, while not everyone is called to go out into the world, everybody is called to care and pray for the world. Dawn Treading seeks to cultivate, within you, a broader sense of your own calling, just in a cross-cultural context.

If the emphasis isn’t missions, then why not do this locally?

Living in a cross-cultural environment has an uncanny way of stripping away all the masks that we can hide behind in our home culture. Not knowing the language or the culture reduces your ability to handle things yourself. Instead we’re confronted with who we truly are and we’re challenged to rely on God to change those things. It’s not impossible to learn these things at home, but there is something amazing about how God uses the challenge of living cross-culturally to bring us in deeper knowledge of Him and ourselves.

Are there any basic requirements?

All candidates will be screened to ensure a good fit. In addition to the application process, we will require a letter of recommendation from the faith community that they attend.

If this isn’t a missions trip, do I have to raise support?

Typically, we will encourage people to raise at least half. The participant has the option be fully supported, or pay for the other portion themselves.. An essential aspect of the Christian life is community. It is vital that you are in community and have the support of a community as you come out here; support-raising builds that community. Support-raising can be challenging but it is worth it because of the vested interest it creates that results in prayer and accountability.

Can I come for less than a semester?

Cross-cultural exposure is an important aspect of the program; less than a semester would not give you sufficient time to benefit from it.